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Welcome to my galleries. I received my first SLR camera when I was 14 and I've been hooked on photography ever since. I hope you enjoy viewing my photos as much as I've enjoyed taking them.

Thanks once again for stopping by.

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Scottish Premier League

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Created 27-Feb-07
Modified 27-Feb-07
Scottish Premier League

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Devils Feb 4th, 2006

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Created 27-Feb-07
Modified 27-Feb-07
Toronto Maple Leafs vs Devils Feb 4th, 2006

Toronto Argos 2006 Season

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Created 24-Feb-07
Modified 24-Feb-07
Toronto Argos 2006 Season

Race Day - Sunday July 8th

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156 photos
Created 1-Aug-07
Modified 1-Aug-07
Race Day - Sunday July 8th

Linkin Park Concert @ JLC 2008

Visitors 100
47 photos
Created 27-Feb-08
Modified 27-Feb-08
Linkin Park Concert @ JLC 2008

UFC 140

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244 photos
Created 12-Dec-11
Modified 12-Dec-11
UFC 140

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Concert Photography

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Guestbook for Mark Booth Photography
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Tina Ron & Ariel Green(non-registered)
We have used Mark on many occasions to take our photographs. He is fantastic and easy to work with on many levels. His qualities range from working with individuals to large groups of people and including children.

Mark is very professional and his finishing product is amazing. We would recommend Mark in a heartbeat to provide professional photography.

The Bradshaws(non-registered)
We had an incredible time with Mark as he worked his magic. 6 people; 3 adults, 3 teenagers and a dog. Not just any dog, a Doodle, and everything went so smooth and turned out so well. We all had fun. We were truly impressed with the photos and the time spent with Mark.
Highly recommended for his creativity and talent and his skill at keeping the situation under control, and if by chance the control was not attainable, (dog), he goes with it and the results were amazing.
Tonia Levac(non-registered)
Mark is very professional and made it seem so easy taking pictures of my family. There were 22 of us and we thought that it would take forever. Mark made it seem so simple and provided us with beautiful pictures. It was a pleasure having Mark come out and do this for us.

Thanks Mark:)
Tonia Levac(non-registered)
Mark was kind enough to donate his time and pictures for the Kitchener's walk for Kid's Help Phone. Mark captured everything we wanted and more.
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